Welcome to Schley Grange Hall!

Schley Grange Hall is located in the Schley (pronounced “sly”) Community, about 6 miles north of Hillsborough, NC. We are a chapter of the NC State Grange and National Grange organization, serving the local farm community.

Important News and Upcoming Events

  • Dues are $20 per person per year. Please turn in your 2018 dues and bring in any new member applications you have.
  • Music -Picking & Grinning Schedule: This event will take place each Thursday. Start at 7:00 PM with gospel music and then country & western music at 8:00. Finish at 9:00. Click here for detailed driving directions. Come out and fellowship, kickback and enjoy the music. Gospel Music will occupy the first hour, followed by Western Music the second hour. Free of charge, but donations are welcomed and encouraged to help pay the rental fee and expenses for drinks. Please see this link for a nice write-up about Picking & Grinning.
  • Update on Internet Access in Rural Orange County: Here is a web accessable PDF file detailing the meeting mentioned below about improving high speed Internet access for rual Orange County. A locally cached version of the report is here.
  • At our October 10, 2017 meeting, we discussed the future of high speed broadband (Internet) access in rural Orange County. Representatives from AT&T, CenturyLink, Spectrum and Verizon were present. Thanks to Bonnie Hauser, and Representative Graig Meyer for organizing this event. Grange members will meet at our regular 6:30 time slot for supper prior to the Rural Internet meeting.
  • Bar-B-Que Chicken Supper - Schley Grange hosted a barbecue chicken supper on August 19, 2017. Thank you to everyone, members and the community, who turned out.
  • July 4th Fish Fry- Schley Grange had our annual fish fry on July 4, 2017. Last year, we had a wonderful turnout and had the same again for 2017. Thank you for joining us for lots of good food and comraderie. We began serving immediately after the Caldwell Fourth of July Parade. American Legion Post 452 hosted the flag ceremony.
  • Schley Grange is now the largest affilliate in the State of North Carolina! Click here for a county-by-county break down of chapter sizes.



Updated January 1, 2018

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