Welcome to Schley Grange Hall!

Schley Grange Hall is located in the Schley (pronounced “sly”) Community, about 6 miles north of Hillsborough, NC. We are a chapter of the NC State Grange and National Grange organization, serving the local farm community.

Important News and Upcoming Events

  • Schley Grange Hall will host a breakfast open to the community November 2, 2019. We will serve scrambled eggs, country ham, grits, sausage, homemade biscuits, milk and red-eye gravy, apple sauce, jellies and assorted drinks. You can eat in or choose take-out. Time: 6:30 - 10:00 AM. Click here for detailed driving directions.
  • A huge thanks to everyone who helped make our breakfast on August 17, 2019 a success. This includes all the workers as well as all those who showed up to eat.
  • Wireless Internet availability: Update: Here is a PDF document of email from OpenBroadband, who has initiated installing customer connections. The company Open Broadband plans Internet availability in the Cedar Grove and Little River areas of northern Orange County, with activation anticipated in spring of 2019. Several of our Grange members, in particular Bonnie Hauser, have worked diligently to make this a reality. You can join the waitlist at the link above. This message is not an endorsement of Open Broadband, but for the sake of information only. Schley Grange is not affiliated with Open Broadband. Here is a PDF file with more details.
  • Dues are $20 per person per year. Please turn in your 2019 dues and bring in any new member applications you have.
  • Music -Picking & Grinning Schedule: This event will take place each Thursday. Start at 7:00 PM with gospel music and then country & western music at 8:00. Finish at 9:00. Click here for detailed driving directions. Come out and fellowship, kickback and enjoy the music. Gospel Music will occupy the first hour, followed by Western Music the second hour. Free of charge, but donations are welcomed and encouraged to help pay the rental fee and expenses for drinks. Please see this link for a nice write-up about Picking & Grinning.
  • Diaster Preparation: Mr. Jason Williams ( of has graciously provided some links to sites related to diaster preparation. Topics include hurricanes, tornados, pet concerns, earthquakes and other items. Please see our links page for details and links.
  • Update on Internet Access in Rural Orange County: A meeting open to the public was held at Schley Grange Hall on Jan. 8, 2019. Attendance was standing-room-only - a tremendous turnout. Please see the Open Broadband web site for information about wireless Internet connectivity in northern Orange County.



Updated January 1, 2018

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