Welcome to Schley Grange Hall!

Schley Grange Hall is located in the Schley (pronounced “sly”) Community, about 6 miles north of Hillsborough, NC. We are a chapter of the NC State Grange and National Grange organization, serving the local farm community.

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Important News and Upcoming Events

News and Upcoming Events:

  • Thanks to everyone who made our Country Ham & Sausage & Egg Breakfast (Nov. 5, 2016) a success. A BIG thank-you to visitors and members who met with us for breakfast of country ham, sausage and eggs in November.
  • Exercise Class: The Friday morning exercise class begins at 8:30 AM and the public is invited to come and have fun participating. Click here for detailed driving directions.
  • Music -Picking & Grinning Schedule: This event will take place each Thursday. Start at 7:00 PM with gospel music and then country & western music at 8:00. Finish at 9:00. Click here for detailed driving directions. Come out and fellowship, kickback and enjoy the music. Gospel Music will occupy the first hour, followed by Western Music the second hour. Free of charge, but donations are welcomed and encouraged to help pay the rental fee and expenses for drinks. Please see this link for a nice write-up about Picking & Grinning.
  • Rural Seniors Benefit from a Team Approach (From The Orange County Voice): Seniors from Project Engage are teaming up with Seniors and Law Enforcement Together (SALT), the Senior outreach program within the Orange County Sheriff's Department.  Under the leadership of retired Captain Archie Daniel and retired Deputy Regina Jones, SALT leaders visit with Seniors on a weekly basis, throughout Orange County.
    Project Engage leaders use their backgrounds and training in Senior health and safety to inform Seniors of helpful resources available to them in Orange County.  To learn more about SALT and rural seniors, please contact Archie Daniel. To learn more about Project Engage and other Senior volunteer opportunities, please contact Yvette Missri. Archie and leaders from Project Engage spoke at Schley Grange Hall on Tuesday, June 9 at 7:00 PM about how they go about working with rural Seniors.
  • July 4th Fish Fry- Schley Grange had our annual fish fry on July 4, 2016. Last year, we had a wonderful turnout, as we did this year. Thank you for joining with us for lots of good food and comarderie. We began serving immediately after the Caldwell Fourth of July Parade, right after the parade. American Legion Post 452 hsoted the flag ceremony. Click here for detailed driving directions.
  • Schley Grange is now the largest affilliate in the State of North Carolina! Click here for a county-by-county break down of chapter sizes.
  • Dues are now $20 per person per year. Please turn in your 2016 dues and bring in any new member applications you have.
  • Please read this newspaper article about the March 6, 2010 fundraiser and a short history of recent and past happenings with the Schley Grange Hall.


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